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Unlimited Contractor Leads for Small Business Charged Monthly @ PreScreened Contractors

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List your business with PreScreened Contractors and get Unlimited Small Business Leads/Contractor Leads for a low monthly rate.

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Contractor Leads Services

There is NO Charge Per small business Lead.

This is because we are not selling a product, and the leads are a natural side effect of the marketing services we provide for small business leads. The number of listings is simply the scope of how broad a marketing target you would like.

    While you are considering our small business leads services, there are some things you need to know to make an informed decision and understand the value of our lead generation services.

As we continue to update and improve our website, the volume of customers and leads continues to increase. This is a daily procedure. Customer leads will be direct contact leads. This means that they will call you directly on the phone number listed or contact you through your website. Due to this, you may not be able to track how many small business leads we are sending you, but the customer experience is improved when they get directly in touch with service providers and their information on their websites.

In addition to the direct contact method of our service, we also help to increase the direct search traffic to your website. This means that we will be improving your position in Google search for specified keywords per your listing. This is done through using targeted keywords in your listing and linking to your website. Since we do not use rel=nofollow commands in our links, Google is able to transfer value for the targeted keyword to your website, and from a page that is targeted for that keyword. If you understand anything about website SEO, then you will understand the true value of these links and how they can improve your search position and increase traffic directly to your website.

The word directly in the previous statement is important. Only 5-10 percent of the population will visit a lead generation service website for their search. While 5-10 percent is still a lot of customer leads, having a listing on the first page in search is far more valuable. This is especially true if you have a top listing on the page and a listing that shows up in a list of pre-screened services on the same search. When you have two listings on the first page, you have eliminated two competitors from view and will likely get more contractor leads. Again, remember that this increase in small business leads is a result of our links and will be impossible to track them, but they would decline along with your position if your listing containing them were canceled and removed. Also, keep in mind that it takes Google time to crawl and process these pages and the links, and the results may take time to see their changes.

As you can see, the links alone in your listing are very valuable, but we provide all of this at low monthly pricing.

Affordable Contractor Leads

The cost is $100.00 per Month per listing.

Monthly:  $100 Per Listing -  Metro Areas - $700.00  -  State Wide - $1,500.00   
National Listings - $6,500.00

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Small Business Leads

How to get Small Business Leads

Sign up is easy, and can be completed in just a few steps. Our service is pay-as-you-go, so you are not obligated to any term or contract of time, but we provide no full or partial refunds.

If you have questions, call 817-366-8376

Option 1 - Paying by check requires a yearly setup. Send us a check for yearly listing along with your contact and listing details. If your city/state require a license or other certifications, please include a copy.

Make checks payable to: James Nech or and send payments and listing information to: 

James Nech/PSC
1525 Corona Dr.
Granbury, TX 76048

Option 2 - Online setup. Fill out your listing details online and setup auto monthly renewal with your credit/debit card through PayPal.

Click Listing Details to continue with option 2.

  1. Choose Services for Small Business Leads

    • Each city+Service is a listing. There is a drop down list of services to select in the next page .

  2. Provide Listing Details

    • We will need your contact information, and the information for the listing. Please fill all parts of the form so we can get you listed quickly and start getting more leads for your small business.

    • If your state requires a license, or you have other certifications or insurance, please e-mail us a copy at precheckcontractors@gmail

    • If you would like to list for Metro Areas - State Wide Service - or  National Service, you will list this in the City-metro or all, and State or national. Then continue to the payment page, and select the payment option.

  3. Make A Payment for Small Business Leads Services

    • Payments are processed monthly through PayPal - Automatically

    • If you spend $600.00 or more with us over the year, you will receive a W-9 upon request.

  4. Confirmation

In case you need to contact us, we can be reached at  

To cancel your listing and future payments, click here .