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Lead Generation Service

We are a customer lead generation service providing direct contact customer leads at a low monthly rate. 

There is NO Charge Per Customer Lead.



Our Mission:  To help quality services find customers, and help customers find Quality service providers.

We believe that through this effort, we can help stabilize the quality services and help them survive in this struggling economy. To add to this effort, we have set some goals that we hope to exceed, and certainly can with your assistance.

All you need to do to assist us is provide quality services and list your business to receive the local customers for your services.

We will continue to market to the public to find more customers for our service providers, but we are also working toward increasing the number of potential customers while building customer loyalty. As most small businesses and service companies pull from the same customer base, our goals are to rebuild that base.

The customer base are the American Home Owner. Over the last several years, the number of home owners has decreased so dramatically that there are less and less homes being serviced, and many service companies have closed their doors or downsized their labor force. This is the leading problem that continues to affect our economy, as this customer base is still shrinking.

Our goal that we hope to exceed is to help put 100,000 Americans back into home ownership at rates they can afford.

This is important to make it more affordable, because currently the average cost of housing is over half of most families monthly income. With these costs, they cannot come ahead or have the available monies to contract services or in general "Live". 

We believe that the stability and future of our economy rests entirely on the volume of American Home Owners, and will progressively work to rebuild these numbers. As these numbers grow, so will the volume of your customers.

If you are a service provider, and would like to join in our efforts, Get Listed. If we don't have your service in our listings, send us an email at the address below, or fill out the feedback form to suggest new categories and we will contact you as soon as the new service has been added.

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